Prepare Academy

Our Mission

Our mission is to help put an end to the cycle of trauma, stop preventable mental illnesses from reoccurring generation after generation, and help to eradicate the school-to-prison pipeline.


"I realized at the age of 26 that I had a wounded 4 year old still stuck on the inside of me yelling and screaming for help! I ignored her for many years because I didn’t know how to help her with her invisible wounds. Her scream grew louder and louder until it pierced my heart and soul and I was forced to look. I feared the sight of her little tattered and torn soul but while standing face to face with her I asked myself, ‘Why do we wait until the child is an adult to address their wounds, especially when we can recognize and provide buffers for them early on. Why do we choose to wait and REPAIR what is broken instead of PREPARING them [and their parents] emotionally and mentally for life; hence breaking the generational cycle of trauma.’ That struggle and question birthed Prepare Academy."

— Dr. Trillion Small, Founder